Throughout his July 27, 2022 stream, xQc gave the “MultiVersus” open beta a spin, solely to search out himself invited to upwards of two,000 video games by trolls. The inflow of invitations was certainly annoying to xQc at first, however it ended up reaching a breaking level when it stopped him from having the ability to play. “Actually crashed my recreation. I do not know anybody who thinks that is humorous. Like, I do not get it,” he stated, exasperated.

xQc went on to share previous fan complaints about him having a tough time deciding on a recreation, in addition to the irony of individuals crashing a recreation he was really having fun with. As he shared, “We’re within the largest recreation world of all time and there is not any video games to play, or regardless of the f***. I am unable to do s***.”

Clearly, xQc had cause to be irritated. The stream snipers who noticed his username and despatched an enormous wave of invitations had no clear motive apart from to get underneath his pores and skin. On high of maintaining xQc from having fun with the sport, in addition they affected his means to create related content material in regards to the new title. It will be fascinating to see if xQc revisits “MultiVersus” in his future streams and if the trolls rear their ugly heads once more.

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