The Home has by no means earlier than wanted to mount a response to a violent tried coup. Then got here Trump.

You could, in your life, make lots of poor decisions. You could have regrets. However irrespective of who you might be or what your circumstances, keep in mind this recommendation: In case you die and your ex-husband commandeers your corpse as a part of an actual property tax-dodging scheme, you are allowed to hang-out them. This was determined again throughout the 1600s and is taken into account a “deeply rooted” freedom, one which not even the Supreme Court docket has been capable of finding fault with so, by all means, go nuts with that.

In different information, Supreme Court docket theocrat Samuel Alito stays an keen tradition warrior and prepared copypaster for the far-right; representing the forces of not-fascism, we have got an interview with Jan. 6 coup investigator Jamie Raskin. Here is a few of what you’ll have missed:

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