The fungus Entomophthora muscae has a survival technique that is each fascinating and probably going to place you off your subsequent meal: it infects and ‘zombifies’ feminine houseflies earlier than sending out irresistible chemical alerts encouraging male houseflies into necrophilia.


By luring these male flies into mating with zombified females, the fungus can switch to the male fly and, in concept, have a greater probability of additional dispersal. The unfortunate male fly is then taken over by E. muscae in the identical method.

Essential to the method is the discharge of sesquiterpenes, or chemical messages, that are synthesized within the feminine cadaver and despatched out as a seductive sign. Based mostly on the experiments carried out by the researchers, the longer the corpse has been lifeless, the extra enticing it seems to be to the males.

“The chemical alerts act as pheromones that bewitch male flies and trigger an unimaginable urge for them to mate with lifeless feminine carcasses,” says evolutionary biologist Henrik H. De Superb Licht, from the College of Copenhagen in Denmark.

As soon as E. muscae has contaminated a feminine fly with its spores, it begins to multiply. After round six days, it could possibly management the conduct of the insect, sending it as much as the best doable level (on a wall or a plant) earlier than it dies. Fungus spores are then despatched out from the lifeless fly, hoping to land on one other.


However as this new examine exhibits, by attractive a male over, E. muscae can guarantee it passes into a minimum of another host, which can carry its spores far and large once more.

The staff used a wide range of chemical evaluation and genetic sequencing methods to determine precisely what the fungus was doing, in addition to exposing male flies to feminine companions at totally different phases of fungal an infection, or that had died from different causes.

“Our observations recommend that this can be a very deliberate technique for the fungus,” says H. De Superb Licht. “It’s a true grasp of manipulation – and that is extremely fascinating.”

Checks confirmed that feminine fly corpses that had been lifeless for 3-8 hours attracted 15 p.c of male flies, whereas with corpses that had been lifeless for 25-30 hours, that determine shot as much as 73 p.c. The extra time that handed, the extra chemical alerts have been launched.

This is not the one time that scientists have noticed sesquiterpenes getting used to draw the eye of bugs. As chemical alerts go, it seems to be some of the efficient at manipulating these tiny creatures.

There are many alternatives for additional analysis right here, not least into efficient fly repellents – flies can infect people with varied illnesses, and sesquiterpenes could possibly be used to lure flies away from sure areas, corresponding to the place meals is being ready.

“That is the place the Entomophthora muscae fungus might show helpful,” says H. De Superb Licht. “It is likely to be doable for us to make use of these similar fungal fragrances as a organic pest management that draws wholesome males to a fly entice as a substitute of a corpse.”

The analysis has been revealed within the ISME Journal.


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