Angela and Jason, the bullies of Stranger Issues 4, break seasons 1-3’s guidelines, harming their presence within the season and risk to Eleven and Eddie.

WARNING! Spoilers forward for Stranger Issues season 4, quantity 1.

The brand new bully characters in Stranger Issues season 4, quantity 1 could serve a plot goal, however they disregard the intelligent ways in which the sequence has traditionally used human antagonists. Season 4 introduces just a few new bully characters who antagonize Eleven, Mike Wheeler, and Eddie Munson. Nonetheless, Angela, Jason Carver, and their hordes of cronies will not be as compelling as earlier bullies, on account of sloppy writing.

Having relocated to California following the top of season 3 with Joyce, Johnathan, and Will Byers, Eleven (now going by Jane Hopper), finds herself the sufferer of a complete faculty filled with bullies. In addition to Will, Eleven appears to haven’t any pals and is picked on by just about the entire faculty, led by Angela and her cronies. Again in Hawkins, Indiana, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, and their new chief, Eddie Munson, are bullied by the jocks, led by Jason Carver. This bullying escalates after Vecna kills Chrissy Cunningham, Jason’s girlfriend, as Jason and the jocks (together with Lucas Sinclair) go on a mission of revenge, blaming Eddie for Chrissy’s demise.


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Angela and Jason – and their respective gangs – really feel like stereotypes reasonably than actual individuals in Stranger Issues season 4. The sequence has beforehand supplied extra nuanced takes on bullies, giving them character growth and exhibiting why they’re the best way they’re, corresponding to with Billy Hargrove. Whereas Jason is given Chrissy’s demise as a motivating issue, there’s seemingly no cause for Angela’s over-the-top cruelty in the direction of Eleven. She is simply introduced as a nasty individual as a method to make Eleven lash out and ultimately find yourself again with Dr. Brenner and Sam Owens.

Eleven's Bully Angela in Stranger Things

Stranger Issues season 1 additionally has bullies, Troy Walsh and James Dante, who taunt and beat up Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas. Not like Stranger Issues season 4, nonetheless, this season focuses on two bullies, making it much more plausible than Angela encouraging a complete curler rink to mercilessly bully Eleven. Moreover, whereas Troy and James will not be deep characters, they really feel extra grounded, as James even hesitates when Troy forces Mike to leap off of Sattler Quarry. The 2 really feel extra at house in a Stephen King novel, whereas Angela and Jason appear extra like stereotypical 80s bullies from films like Again to the Future, reflecting a tonal change inside the sequence on the entire.

Stranger Issues has already confirmed that it might write compelling bully characters, each with Billy Hargrove and Steve Harrington. Steve begins off season 1 as a stereotypical bully, very like Jason, although not on the identical degree of cruelty as Angela. The sequence then turns him right into a lovable babysitter, owing to the charisma of his actor, Joe Keery. It’s subsequently much more irritating that Stranger Issues season 4 makes its bullies so one-dimensional by comparability.

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Stranger Issues season 4, quantity 2 releases on Netflix on July 1.

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