Hickman set the stage for his up to date tackle the story throughout collection AVENGERS (2012) and NEW AVENGERS (2013), significantly through the “Time Runs Out” tie-ins that noticed the Marvel Universe’s last days earlier than the Incursion. The concise synopsis is that the Illuminati, highly effective gatekeepers who signify the curiosity of heroes, found that completely different universes had been colliding throughout “Incursion occasions,” and it quickly left the Marvel Multiverse a shadow of its former self. The Beyonders, an all-powerful alien race, had been behind this cataclysmic catastrophe, which left solely the Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616) and the Final Marvel Universe to struggle one another for the fitting to outlive.

All the SECRET WARS saga and its many tie-ins can be found on digital comics super-service Marvel Limitless. However as a primer for one of the necessary tales in Marvel historical past, we’re looking again on the greatest moments from the occasion.


As predicted, the conflict between the Prime and Final Marvel Universes proved to be expensive for each side in SECRET WARS (2015) #1. Solely the Punisher made essentially the most out of the chance by crashing the Kingpin’s Tremendous Villain watch celebration and crossing off most of his bucket record within the course of.

Reed Richards (AKA Mister Unbelievable of the Unbelievable 4) and his allies realized that the struggle was meaningless and tried to evacuate their buddies and family members on an interdimensional life raft designed to outlive the tip of the universe itself. However for Reed, there was nothing extra devastating than watching his household fall from the security of the life raft and into the oblivion of the Incursion that destroyed the remaining universes.

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