Vincenzi’s robomojo explores potentialities of ai


Vincenzi’s venture ROBOMOJO is an exploration of the bounds and potential of synthetic intelligence (AI) know-how, and its relationship with artwork, tradition and the long run. Utilizing AI the artist reimagines pop-culture staples of cinema, conjuring up fascinating – and infrequently perplexing – interpretations of basic favourites resembling E.T., Star Wars, Batman and Reservoir Canines. Vincenzi’s digital designs are introduced as film posters that discover how these cultural touchstones could also be interpreted by the chilly thoughts of a pc. Following inputs of prompts and descriptions in regards to the motion pictures’ visuals, titles and premises, the AI software program generates fascinating artworks in what Vincenzi describes as ‘a cultural suggestions loop’. The pictures are then rearranged into cinematic poster compositions, presenting details about the film.

ROBOMOJO by vincenzi uses AI to reimagine pop culture staples of cinema
film poster for Jaws

all photographs by Vincenzi



synthetic intelligence reinterprets popular culture staples


AI innovation has unlocked many significant potentialities within the realm of artwork, redefining the best way artwork will be produced and loved, and fostering new relationships between artists, and their artworks and viewers. With the invention of latest methods resembling DALL·E and Midjourney, artists at the moment are outfitted with highly effective instruments which can be utilized to complement their works, utilizing the know-how to check the boundaries of the self-discipline. With ROBOMOJO, Vincenzi considers how new types of synthetic intelligence will impression the inherently humane, and handmade nature of artwork varieties.


The artist questions: ‘Is Synthetic Intelligence the top of artwork as we all know it? How would AI decipher humanity’s cultural previous, not to mention assemble our cultural future?’. As such, the venture makes use of AI to open a dialog in regards to the incoming wave of the brand new know-how and the way humanity’s artistic output will evolve consequently. Vincenzi’s experimentations conjure up a spread of outcomes, ‘from curious to spectacular to downright perplexing. However by no means boring.’ In a reinterpretation of the romantic comedy He’s Simply Not That Into You, a darker, extra disturbing poster seemingly makes an attempt to seize the emotion of human grief whereas the protagonists row a small boat in despair, with a supernatural spirit looming above them. In the meantime, the film poster for the drama The Seventh Seal depicts a pair of literal seals duelling over a chess board towards the backdrop of a tumultuous seascape in a extra humorous rendition. 

ROBOMOJO by vincenzi uses artificial intelligence to reimagine pop culture staples of cinema
Sleepless in Seattle poster

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