Ever heard of Aerochrome? It’s a novel kind of coloration infrared movie, initially created for the US navy and designed for surveillance planes. Photographs taken with Aerochrome movie present bushes and different vegetation in vivid reds and pinks, creating pictures that aren’t fairly like the rest.

A modified technique of trichrome images is the important thing behind re-creating that distinctive Aerochrome look. Click on to enlarge.

Sadly, Aerochrome hasn’t been made for over a decade. What’s an enterprising hacker with a fascination for this unobtainable movie to do? [Joshua] resolved to recreate it as greatest he may, and the outcomes look nice!

Aerochrome isn’t fairly the identical as regular movie. It’s delicate to infrared, and pictures taken with it yield a type of false coloration picture that presents infrared as pink, seen reds as greens, and greens are proven as blue. The result’s a vaguely dreamy trying photograph just like the one you see within the header picture, above. Wholesome vegetation is vividly highlighted, and every part else? Nicely, it truly comes out fairly normal-looking, all issues thought-about.

Why does this occur? It’s as a result of wholesome, leafy inexperienced vegetation strongly take up seen gentle for photosynthesis, whereas additionally strongly reflecting near-infrared. This is similar precept behind the normalized distinction vegetation index (NDVI), a technique used for the reason that 70s to measure dwell inexperienced vegetation, usually from satellite tv for pc imagery.

Aerochrome could also be out of manufacturing, however black and white infrared movie continues to be out there. [Joshua] discovered that he may re-create the impact of Aerochrome with an adaptation of trichrome images: the method of taking three equivalent black and white pictures, every utilizing a distinct coloration filter. When mixed, the three pictures (appearing as three separate coloration channels) produce a coloration picture.

To breed Aerochrome, [Joshua] takes three monochromatic pictures together with his infrared movie, every with a distinct coloration filter chosen to match the spectral sensitivities of the unique product. The result’s a fairly putting copy of Aerochrome!

However this technique does have some shortcomings. [Joshua] discovered it annoying to fiddle with filters between attempting to take three equivalent pictures, and the movie and filters aren’t actually an actual match for the spectral sensitivities of authentic Aerochrome. He additionally discovered it troublesome to nail the appropriate publicity; since most gentle meters are measuring seen gentle and never infrared, the publicity settings had been approach off. However the outcomes look fairly genuine, so he’s counting it as successful.

We liked [Joshua]’s DIY wigglecam, and we’re delighted to see the work he put into re-creating an genuine Aerochrome. Incredible work.

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