Presenter Tadeu Schmidt’s daughter celebrates LGBTQIA+ Pride Day on the web: “I’m queer and I’m proud”

Valentina Schmidt, daughter of presenter Tadeu Schmidt, posted a message on her Instagram this Tuesday (28) to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Day. In the post, the 20-year-old actress shows off a sign that reads “I’m queer and I’m proud” in English.

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Valentina cites and identifies with queer gender identity, which stands for the letter Q in the acronym LGBTQIA+. Click here to know the meaning of each of these letters.

“A year ago I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. A decision that I am deeply proud of. I am proud to have the freedom to speak openly about my sexuality,” Valentina says in its publication.

“I’m proud to love whoever I want. Proud to have family and friends who support me unconditionally. Proud to be a queer woman. Proud to be me. No one will ever take away my right to love and to be happy. Good luck to all who try. May this Pride month have been wonderful for all of us”, added the young woman.

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Tadeu and Valentina Schmidt kissed — Photo: Reproduction/Internet

queer is an English word meaning “strange”. IT IS used to represent people who do not identify with the norms imposed by society and transition between genderswho don’t agree with such labels, or who don’t know how to define their gender/sexual orientation.

Valentina’s father Tadeu Schmidt, commented on the post showing his support. It displayed six hearts in matching colors, representing diversity.

Tadeu Schmidt comments on his daughter’s post on Instagram — Photo: Reproduction

In the “More Than a Letter” special, part of g1’s feature series, Beta Boechat explains what queer is and how he discovered he didn’t fit traditional gender norms.

More than a lyric: ‘I didn’t fit into the men’s or women’s band,’ says Beta

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