Grusha stands next to a male and female sign.

Picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

When the Pokémon Presents stream confirmed off a brand new ice-type gymnasium chief for the primary time, many followers thought the coach, Grusha, was a woman. However official supplies finally revealed that the chief of Glaseado Gymnasium is definitely a person who makes use of he/him pronouns. Some followers had been startled once they realized that their new Poké-crush isn’t the gender that they’re interested in. And I’ve no selection however to chortle.

The Pokémon Twitter account revealed that Grusha was an expert snowboarder, and that he is normally cool-headed, besides throughout battles. The masculine pronouns confused some followers who thought that they obtained a feminine gymnasium chief reveal, however a lot of the fandom has been receptive to his pronouns thus far. Different, hornier followers had a private disaster.

Bisexual Pokémon followers nevertheless, had been utterly unfazed. Others appear to have come round to their homosexual awakening. “If Grusha [is] a man then name me homosexual,” mentioned one Twitter person. One other fan was excited that extra players had been becoming a member of the homosexual agenda through a cute gymnasium chief: “grusha fr giving so many individuals an surprising homosexual awakening you like to see it.”

The satan works quick, however NSFW Pokémon fan artists work quicker. Half of the express fanart that I noticed had featured Grusha with a curvaceous physique (Critically, don’t view them on a work machine). One artist lamented that their NSFW fanart was now not canon-compliant: “I SPEED DRAW GRUSHA WITH FAT TITS ONLY TO FIND OUT HES A DUDE WHEN IM PRACTICALLY DONE WITH THE PIECE GOD DAMNIT.” One other artist flat out refused to let some foolish he/him pronouns cease them from drawing fanart of Grusha with large badonkers. Extra energy to them!

Large titty or small titty, all Grushas are good. Transmasculine Grusha would undoubtedly have the ability to match a ton of boobage beneath that heavy winter coat. So we must always all cease worrying about his gender and be extra apprehensive about whether or not or not he’ll be a troublesome gymnasium chief to beat.

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