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When searching for a personality to play in MultiVersus you might be overwhelmed by the numerous choices. It is a fairly various roster, and a few of these characters have some fairly pronounced weaknesses. Fortunately, MultiVersus has you lined and made certain to incorporate the extremely versatile Superman, who’s a personality you’ll be able to’t go improper with.

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In case you are leaping in with Superman, you might be overwhelmed by his seemingly limitless choices. You’re flying round, grabbing folks, lighting the bottom on fireplace, respiration out freezing air… There may be lots happening. Fortunately, we’re right here to assist stroll you thru the ins and outs of this dynamic fighter. We’ve got offered an in depth breakdown of his strikes, in addition to a bit that focuses on his total technique. No matter your query, it ought to be answered beneath.


Skill Overview

Superman is categorized as a “hybrid” centered character. Given the truth that he has instruments that may knock his opponents out of the sector on any of the 4 sides, that checks out. We’d say that Superman’s completely finest instruments do take his opponents out on the prime of the display screen. However that does not change the truth that he’s extraordinarily versatile and may dispatch his opponents anyplace on the display screen. He’s a tank class character, so he’s fairly powerful. This primarily manifests in practically all his grounded assaults having armor.

Nevertheless, armor is not the one trick up Supes’ sleeve. He may also freeze his enemies, ignite his enemies, and he comes geared up with a number of grabs. It actually looks like Superman was service constructed to be a starter character, as he’s basically good in every single place, comes packing a well-known set of chargeable regular assaults, and does not have any actually notable weaknesses.

Grounded Assaults

Title Command Picture Extra Properties Description
Tremendous Punch Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Neutral Attack Chargeable, Armored This transfer is a reasonably normal chargeable regular assault. It really works the best way you’d anticipate it to. In the event you see a gap for a sneaky cost assault, that is the conventional you’ll flip to.
Kryptonian Kombo Ahead + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Forward Attack The Kyrptonian Kombo is great at pinning folks down. It is a nice method to line your opponent up to your accomplice to land an enormous assault.

Extra importantly, you’ll be able to combo this transfer into his Overhead Strike, which may be very harmful for his opponents, because it signifies that he can begin to lineup Superman’s Go Lengthy! particular assault.

Overhead Strike Up + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Up Attack Chargeable, Armored It is a nice charged-up tilt. You’ll use it in all the everyday methods you’d use an ordinary charged-up tilt.

That is one other stable instrument for launching characters into the air. Its most potent side is that you could combo into this off of the Kyptonian Kombo, which is a simple method to get your opponent into the air.

Downward Swing Down + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Down Attack Chargeable, Armored Complementary to his up assault and impartial assault, Superman’s down assault is a reasonably normal chargeable spike. Nevertheless, like these different two assaults, it additionally advantages from being armored.
Ice Breath Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Ice Breath Frozen, Ice Gauntlet Superman’s Ice Breath is fairly quick, and pretty low dedication. So, do not be afraid to tug it out, particularly when your opponent has locked themselves right into a transfer with extended restoration.

The Ice Breath is usually fairly good, however it’s significantly higher when you use it to again up your accomplice whereas they combo your opponents. Not solely will it apply stacks of the Frozen debuff whereas they’re locked right into a combo, but when the Ice Breath passes by means of your accomplice it can buff them with Ice Gauntlets, that means that they may apply Frozen stacks too.

Locomotive Cost Ahead + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Forward Special Chargeable, Armored It is a useful gizmo for sniping your opponent. Once you cost it a radius will seem indicating the transfer’s vary; you’ll be able to transfer a cursor contained in the radius to dictate while you wish to land the punch. That is nice for edge guarding, however it’s also good for backing up your accomplice.
Meteor Liftoff Up + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Up Special Chargeable, Armored The Meteor lift-off is an up smash assault that transitions right into a spike. You may cancel the second half with a bounce. The armor in the beginning of this assault makes it a reasonably stable particular.

With the addition of the Flaming Re-Entry signature perk, the efficiency of the Meteor Liftoff will increase dramatically.

Warmth Imaginative and prescient Down + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Heat Vision Ignite, Armored Superman’s Warmth Imaginative and prescient is great for popping enemies up at a distance. Its vary is not enormous, nevertheless it has armor, and it pops your opponent up if it hits them. This, after all, is the right alternative so that you can observe up along with your air shenanigans within the type of your Up And Away and Go Lengthy! assaults.

Aerial Assaults

Title Command Picture Extra Properties Description
Bullet Barrage Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Neutral Attack It is a midair combo for Superman. It does not actually lead into something and cannot be bounce canceled or dodge canceled.
Flying Swing Ahead + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Forward Attack Chargeable That is one other fairly primary charged assault. It hits comparatively exhausting and strikes Superman ahead. It may be helpful for ending opponents off midair.
Up And Away Up + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Up Attack Chargeable Up And Away is extraordinarily helpful for having the ability to lead into the Go Lengthy! particular. In any other case, it’s only a comparatively primary chargeable regular assault that hits above Superman.

As a way to observe up with Go Lengthy! it would be best to bounce cancel this assault after it connects. Don’t be concerned, the timing is not tight.

Falling Haymaker Down + Assault MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Down Attack Chargeable It is a potent spike assault with unbelievable vary. That makes it a superb instrument for edge guarding. Nevertheless, you should be immediately above your opponent, or it will miss.
Ice Breath Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Ice Breath Frozen The aerial model of his Ice Breath is precisely the identical because the grounded model. Although, typically, it does not appear practically as helpful within the air.
Ten-Ton Sort out Ahead + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Forward Special Chargeable, Seize This transfer sees Superman fly towards the opponent. As soon as he is available in contact with them, he’ll seize them and fly them within the path he’s touring.

Typically, it is a nice method to get injured characters off the stage and put them in compromising conditions. For apparent causes, that is additionally a reasonably great way of ending off opponents which are close to the perimeters of the stage.

Go Lengthy! Up + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Up Special Seize That is Superman’s most potent transfer. You may’t land two of those specials consecutively. Nevertheless, you can land one, then hit them along with your Up And Away (which is your up title assault), after which observe up with a second Go Lengthy.

This transfer is a superb technique of getting opponents out on the prime of the display screen.

Aerial Warmth Imaginative and prescient Down + Particular MultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Down Special Ignite Whereas it could seem to be this is similar transfer because the grounded model, it really feels fairly radically totally different in follow. For one, utilizing Superman’s Warmth Imaginative and prescient within the air offers the transfer far extra vary. Additionally, he loses the armored impact.

In case you are scuffling with the Tazs and the Finns of the sport, the Aerial Warmth Imaginative and prescient can be your favourite transfer. It completely destroys these forms of assaults. It’s also a reasonably low-risk choice for putting enemies from afar.

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Battle Technique

As you’ll be able to in all probability see from the above part, Superman has an extremely various set of strikes. So, there are a variety of approaches you’ll be able to take to fight your enemies. Nevertheless, there are some things which are too good to not attempt to implement throughout a match. The primary of these is popping your enemy up into the air to juggle them with a mix of Up And Away and Go Lengthy! assaults. In the event you get this sequence proper, you’ll be able to completely ring out an opponent who’s at a reasonably low share.

When popping your opponent as much as the highest of the display screen to throw them out of the playfield utilizing the Go Lengthy! assault, be very conscious of who their accomplice is. You your self will even be fairly near the highest border, so it does imply {that a} character who has potent vertical assaults might take you out when you are preventing their accomplice.

Past that, harass opponents along with your Aerial Warmth Imaginative and prescient, and attempt to scoop up opponents along with your Ten-Ton Sort out. Whereas it is an aerial assault, you are able to do it after a brief hop to seize folks up who’re grounded. After you have your enemy off the platform, you should use your assortment of chargeable armored assaults to knock your opponent away as they attempt to get well. Or, in the event that they attempt to jump over you, you’ll be able to return to your potent mixture of Up And Away and Go Lengthy! to attempt to knock them out on the prime of the display screen.

Staff Play Technique

As already said, Superman is fairly nice at taking folks out on the prime of the display screen. So, you will wish to capitalize off of your accomplice popping your enemies up into the air. Past that, in case your ally is comboing your enemies, again them up with the ice breath. One other factor Superman ought to do is attempt to use his Aerial Warmth Imaginative and prescient to maintain spamming Tazs and Finns trustworthy (your accomplice will admire this).

It’s also noteworthy that there’s additionally some actually nice synergy between Superman and Iron Big, which is able to allow you to preserve your opponents engulfed in flames, or with Velma, who will assist you preserve your enemies frozen.

Superman’s Development Unlocks

Superman’s Signature Perk Overview

As is usually the case with signature perks, all of Superman’s have some utility. The Flaming Re-Entry, and its capacity to ignite enemies, immediately makes his Meteor Liftoff considerably higher. It’ll considerably enhance the period of time your opponents are ignited. Then the Snipe Punch perk makes his Locomotive Cost a greater instrument for, effectively, sniping enemies. Which can also be nice for edge guarding.

Lastly, his Break The Ice perk makes the frozen debuff much more harmful to your opponents. Stack this with a perk like Kick ‘Em When They’re Down, which helps you do additional harm to debuffed enemies and it’s even extra potent. Truthfully, you’ll be able to’t actually go improper with any of those three signature perks. So, which one you select is basically going to rely upon how a lot use you get out of your Meteor Liftoff, Locomotive Cost, and Ice Breath.

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