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No, not sorry to you, Cubs followers. I nonetheless detest your group, your overpriced tickets and your dumpy ballpark. No apologies on that entrance.

My disdain — and I can’t let you know how a lot I dislike being up-sold — has been/is off base..

All this time I’ve been calling probably the most annoying and biggest hustle on earth the incorrect title. Holy cabin-air-filter-synthetic-oil-premium-gas-red-meat-and-chicken-scam, I used to be misguided and incorrect.

At each flip all these years, folks haven’t been making an attempt to up-sell me, they’ve been making an attempt to cross-sell me — and also you — and the naive pre-teen on the checkout counter and the unknowing grandmother in line for what she thinks can be a far-less than $30 automotive wash.

Individuals are additionally studying…

That’s proper, probably the most annoying hustle-scam on the planet known as cross-selling. I’ve been made bitter by the incorrect rip-off.

Up-selling, I simply realized, goes to purchase one model of one thing and leaving with a higher-end model. I name that new-car-appliance-great-suit promoting 101.

Heck, you anticipate that. That’s gamesmanship. I haven’t purchased the automotive or TV I deliberate to purchase in 30 years.

Cross-selling is the hemorrhoid of our tradition. It’s the great (typically) girl/dude on the comfort retailer asking me if I wish to buy cream cheese for my bagels or chips for my sandwich or a dozen doughnuts and say some overpriced hen tenders are there for buy. All this after I simply spent $60 in fuel and one other $15 in different objects.

That’s once I politely inform them it’s not their job to up-sell (cross-sell) me and if I needed all of the crap they needed so as to add to my invoice I’d have grabbed it earlier than checkout.

What at all times comply with is the the snippy retort: “It’s a part of my job and the supervisor makes us,’’ to which I counter: “Is there a rise in your pay if you happen to get me to purchase one thing further, like a fee bump?’’

If that’s the case, I inform them, we now have one thing and I approve of the additional hustle. I’m a horrible salesperson, however admire those that can. However there isn’t any fee and there often isn’t any supervisor — who’s hounded by a district chief, who’s hounded by an proprietor — to hit up each buyer in hopes of draining them of an additional $4.27. If the individual doing the hustle will get rewarded for his/her efforts, I’m in.

Up-se … oops, cross-selling, has been round for years. My first style was in highschool once I agreed to peppers and onions on my Hungry Hobo sandwich, by no means realizing it was an additional 15 cents for such a tasty addition. Sadly, I get cross-sold each journey again for chips and a cookie to what was as soon as my favourite sandwich store on the native panorama.

And … allow us to not neglect the fast-food oldie however a goodie. “ You need cheese in your quarter-pounder?’’ Or your favourite household restaurant that claims on the finish of your meal: ”I do know you need dessert.’’ Add 75 cents to 1 and $4 or extra to the opposite.

Sadly, with everybody making an attempt to rip-off an additional buck out of the subsequent man, cross-selling goes nowhere. And it’s unhappy.

Even worse is asking the hustle and rip-off that’s cross-selling the incorrect title all these years.

And for that, I’m sorry. Once more Cubs followers, to not you.

Now, although, at any time when somebody tries to hustle me out of some further bucks, I’ll lastly have the right comeback.

“Sir/Madam: … Don’t cross-sell me.’’

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