Rising up

EDITOR: First, I praise you on inviting a conservative columnist to the IT. It brings to thoughts my favourite Bible saying: “A clever man you knoweth not. The idiot walketh down the highway and sayeth it.”

I take challenge with plenty of issues mentioned by Bob Gardner. Nonetheless, earlier than persevering with, please have a look at the cartoon for July 15, which factors out that Republican administrations exceed Democratic administrations in felony indictments — 335 to three.

This disrespect for integrity is additional exemplified by the egregious declare that “liberals” have grow to be speech “fascists.” That is utter nonsense. (Take a look at the cartoon once more.) Making false accusations is meant to divert consideration away from the “fascist” making the accusation. The false assertion raises the query: Does the accuser know what a fascist is, how the idea was developed, the place it was developed, who invented it, and what a part of society it utilized to? “Fascism” has a bigger background than getting used as one other ignorant making an attempt to be cute insult.

Mr. Gardner’s article, replete with self-promotion and name-dropping recollects the phrase: “Birds of a feather flock collectively.”

He additionally mentioned that California was a republican state that produced many positive workplace holders. That’s partially true. A few the names dropped have been OK workplace holders. Some created profound disasters.

I was registered Republican, however determined to grow to be a progressive Democrat moderately than a regressive Republican. I feel it is referred to as rising up.

Russ Bedord


For Les Peterson

EDITOR: Les Peterson made a distinction and had a constructive influence on the lives of many individuals in our group.

He was a serious contributor and chief as we constructed the Sonoma Discipline Of Desires that has benefitted our kids and households in baseball, softball and soccer for a lot of many years.

His assist in 2021 of Sonoma Constitution College, together with Peggy, his spouse and life companion, was simply one other one of the various contributions his household made.

In each instances, his reward and assist was supplied with out fanfare, with out public recognition and with great influence to others.

Les was a humble, hard-working moral, reliable and loving man.

He made a distinction in our lives. We are going to at all times bear in mind and treasure him as a buddy, even when there have been instances we didn’t see one another in our day by day lives.

Les Peterson was a particular man — one amongst few we discovered so very likeable, reliable and simple to befriend.

We are going to miss him as will all who have been blessed to know him.

Julian Robert and Marcia Nelson


Fallacious Aspect

EDITOR: For an additional perspective, I look ahead to studying what the brand new “The Proper Aspect” column must say. It occurred to me contemplating the inaugural column placement on to the proper of your always-spot-on political cartoon detailing “Felony Indictments by Presidential Administrations” with Dems at 3 and GOP at 335 (and counting; shameful!), maybe a extra applicable column title would have been “The Fallacious Aspect.” I am hopeful the paper’s editorial management of the column will disallow any promulgation of misinformation and flat-out lies which might be customary working process with right-leaning doctrinaires nowadays.

Dianne Turner


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