Saving the earth entails eliminating plastic air pollution

Proper now’s a pivotal time to save lots of our planet. Our planet is dying, and one of many contributing elements to the declining well being of our planet is plastic air pollution. Poisonous chemical substances from plastics seep into the bottom, oceans, and at the moment are being present in Colorado’s rainwater. The specter of plastic contamination increase in our our bodies, oceans, and soil ought to be sufficient to warrant intervention – proper now.

Judi Smith, columnist for the Estes Park Path-Gazette, urges that till we’ve got one other planet to reside on, “it’s higher to focus on saving the plant we have already got.” She additional emphasizes that even when we had one other planet to select from, we should always not make the identical errors there.

The one approach to cease plastic air pollution is to go straight to the supply: plastic producers. A considerable amount of discarded plastic comes from the packaging utilized by giant companies. That’s why our state is performing proper now to cease plastic air pollution by holding giant companies accountable with the Producer Accountability Invoice.

This invoice imposes a payment on every layer of packaging used, and it encourages giant companies to change to extra sustainable supplies, which have a lesser related cost. The payment distribution remains to be being mentioned by policymakers, however they need to be certain that it really promotes a shift in direction of sustainability.

The time is now to guard our planet by lowering plastic air pollution, and our coverage makers have the power to do it in the event that they genuinely maintain producers accountable.

— Jordan Koler, Denver

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