Diablo Immortal is asking for over $500,000 to max out its character

The controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions has been raging for a few weeks, even better, since the game’s release on June 2.

Initially, it was assumed that it would take 100,000 euros to max out a character, but apparently things are much worse.

Diablo Immortal is shrouded in mechanics that practically force players to spend money, the discoveries made by the gaming community are beginning to lift the veil and reveal just how aggressive the microtransactions and mechanics Blizzard put in place are.

Astronomical figures now appear, revealing that it takes more than 500 thousand dollars to max out a character, in the most common calculations.

There is a mechanic which is now being revealed, whereby when you have a legendary 5 star gem on a level 6 tile, you can “awaken” that same gem, raising it to level 10, when you “awaken” the gem gains 5 more slots, allowing you to place 5 more 5-Star Legendary Gems, and the whole process is performed again, raising the level of each Gem to 10.

Doing the math, 36 5-Star Legendary Gems are needed, and all of them will need to level up to level 10. It is revealed that if the player is lucky, they will spend $15,000 for each 5-Star Legendary Gem, then multiply by 36, which are the gems needed to max out the character, totaling $540,000.

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