Despite the new stumbling block, Embraer still trusts the E175-E2 model

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Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer faces a dilemma with its next-generation E175-E2 regional jet. After first flying in December 2019, still as part of its test program, very little has changed commercially, remaining without any order.

The lack of clear signaling on the possibility of changes in the regulations of American regional aviation, the main potential market for the model, had already caused Embraer to suspend the program in a few years, predicting its entry into service for 2027 or 2028, but now this uncertainty increases even more. However, the builder reports that he has the file under control.

Why the E175-E2 didn’t sell in the US

When the E175-E2 was designed, it was known to be extrapolating a rule established in American regional aviation, called the “scope clause”, which determines that aircraft of companies that provide regional services to major airlines cannot offer more than 76 seats. and not have a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) greater than 39 tons. Although the Brazilian jet meets the first requirement, it extrapolates the second, since its MTOW is 44.9 tonnes.

Even so, Embraer went ahead with the project, arguing that it offers additional fuel savings and increased passenger comfort, attracting the attention of airlines. Just that, because under the current rule, no company could buy it.

The manufacturer, however, still believes that the regulations could change, but this still seems a long way off, because, as quoted by the investment portal Leeham News, the new negotiations of labor agreements between unions and American airlines, in a context difficult context of lack of employees for the moment and for the future, has not borne fruit as Embraer had hoped.

In summary, what is designed now, and which will apply in the long term, does not foresee any change in the famous “scope clause”. This means that the level of uncertainty is increased and it could even lead to an Embraer reaction.

E1 very sold and E2 to zero

Embraer doesn’t even list the smallest member of the E2 family, the E175-E2, in its order overview. Although the predecessor E175 with 840 orders and 697 deliveries is a success, the more powerful and economical younger brother is bitter about the uncertainty of whether it will ever be sold. In this case, it’s all about “range”.

But the company is nevertheless confident. In a statement to the German website aeroTELEGRAPH, a company representative said that “although it is difficult to predict when the scope clause will change, it should not be expected to happen in this cycle of negotiations”. He continues: “This, together with the need to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs, makes the E175-E2 more attractive and perhaps creates room for change in future rounds of negotiations.”

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