If it’s up to Davi (Rafael Vitti), the days of Joaquim’s (Danilo Mesquita) weaving scams are numbered. At Chapter of Wednesday June 29of “Beyond Illusion”, the magician will discover that the rival overvalues ​​the repairs of the material to pocket the money of the factory.

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After an explosion at the weaving factory, Joaquim will contact Tela Têxtil, a fictitious company created by him for maintenance. And David will go after. Soon he will discover that Joaquim uses the name of Fátima (Patrícia Pinho) as an orange. And more! Davi will see Joaquim hand two checks to Enrico (Marcos Veras), one to deposit in Fatima’s account, meaning for them, and another for the electrician to actually carry out the necessary repairs.

Davi sees Enrico with Weaver’s Checks in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

“Bingo! Got you, Joaquin! I think I’ve unraveled the embezzlement scheme,” Davi gloated.

But more evidence is needed. And for that, Davi, with the help of Dona Iara (Luciana de Rezende), will search Joaquim’s office. Will he find what he is looking for? Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6-hour soap opera!

Joaquim hides documents of the fraud in the weaving in ‘Além da Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

29 June


Heloísa reveals to Violeta that she is pregnant. David confirms his suspicions about Joachim. Santa Claus decides to help Inácio. Davi overhears a conversation between Joaquim and Enrico. Olivia is revolted by Tenório’s accident. Joaquim keeps the documents that prove the crime in his room. Davi discovers Joaquim’s scheme. Isadora visits Tenório and Fátima is uneasy. Leonidas overhears part of a conversation between Heloísa and Violeta and decides to leave the farm. Ursula blackmails Ambrose. David finds the evidence against Joaquim. Iara prevents Isadora from entering Joaquim’s room.

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See Joaquim again talking about his plans for the factory:

Joaquim tells Úrsula that he wants to take the factory away from Violeta and Eugênio

Joaquim tells Úrsula that he wants to take the factory away from Violeta and Eugênio

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