program holder Brazil Urgent on Band TV and also with time on the radio of the same group, the journalist José Luiz Datena will take a break from his activities.

From this Thursday, as agreed with the management of Bandeirantes, he will go on vacation and will be replaced by his son Joël, on the police program every afternoon.

In the midst of this distance, expectations are growing as to whether or not his candidacy will be formalized in the dispute for a seat in the Federal Senate of São Paulo.

By withdrawing from video and radio this week, Datena is therefore following a compulsory care, because radio and TV presenters must leave their programs until the end of this month of June, otherwise they will be ineligible.

The Band confirms the vacation of the professional.

“The presenter José Luiz Datena is going on vacation from this Friday. In his place, Joël Datena will present the Brazil Urgent during this period,” reads a note from the broadcaster.

Datena confirmed to the column that, contrary to what the press release says, it will no longer be broadcast this Wednesday. And that, about the future, only God knows.

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