When Tom Brady went right into a feet-first slide with 20 seconds remaining within the first half of the AFC Championship Recreation, most individuals centered on the best way Brady bungled the clock administration on the play, stopping the Patriots from operating one other offensive play earlier than halftime. However Ravens security Bernard Pollard centered on one thing else.

In response to Pollard, Brady deliberately lifted his proper leg as a result of he needed to kick Ravens security Ed Reed, who was pulling as much as keep away from hitting Brady on his slide.

“You’ve acquired to maintain them legs down,” Pollard mentioned, through “You’ve go to maintain the legs down. Everyone knows and perceive what’s happening there. And as a quarterback, while you go to slip, we’re taught . . . we are able to’t do something. Whenever you come sliding, and your leg is up within the air attempting to kick any person, that’s bull crap.”

It’s inconceivable to get inside Brady’s mind and say whether or not he was attempting to kick Reed or whether or not his foot simply got here up awkwardly as he was sliding. In the identical approach, it’s inconceivable to get inside Ndamukong Suh’s mind and say whether or not he deliberately kicked Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving, or whether or not Suh’s foot simply occurred to go within the fallacious place as he was falling close to Schaub.

However the NFL noticed sufficient on the Suh-Schaub kick to positive Suh $30,000. Now Pollard, the person who ended Brady’s 2008 season with a shot to his knee, thinks it’s time for the NFL to check out Brady.

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