Apple’s VR glasses should bring an M2 chip and 16 GB of RAM

Apple’s mixed reality glasses can be equipped with the M2 chip, the latest processor produced by the apple brand. Additionally, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, the device is expected to arrive with 16GB of RAM. Other spec sheet highlights should be the microLED and AMOLED displays with 4K resolution. The stuffed data sheet must be expensive: the estimated price of the product, which should not arrive until 2023, is more than R$15,000.

The M2 chip rumor is in line with speculation raised by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is close to the supply chain and often gets his remarks on the electronics industry. For Kuo, Apple would bring the M1 chip as the main processor, however, it would also have a secondary, at a lower cost, just to coordinate the sensors.

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The News Portal Report Information, published in May of this year, as the site The Verge recalls, also mentions the presence of more than one chip in the device, for other functions, corroborating what was mentioned by Kuo. Although Gurman does not mention it in the text published last Sunday (26), the use of a secondary chip is even a normal choice in today’s technological world.

During the WWDC 2022 developer event, which took place in early June, in the United States, Apple presented some information about the new M2 chip and said that the hardware could have a faster CPU and GPU than the M1 model. , with 18% and 35% higher performance, respectively.

Apple’s mixed reality glasses are expected to bring augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to the same device. Previous rumors indicate that the device is only set to launch in 2023 and could have two MicroOLED displays with 4K resolution, in addition to a third AMOLED panel. Apple’s VR glasses, as they are also called, can have 14 internal cameras for facial scanning and Wi-Fi connection.

iPhone shouldn’t be needed to use Apple’s VR glasses — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

The device must run its own operating system, RealityOS, and tends to cost at least $3,000, or around R$15,600, depending on the current dollar exchange rate. If the rumors raised in the middle of the year are true, VR glasses can work without the need for an iPhone.

with information from Bloomberg and The edge

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