“Am I a man or a woman?”, Mamma Bruschetta explodes and suddenly answers the greatest mystery of her life

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Mamma Bruschetta talks about the controversy over her gender identity

Recently, the actress and presenter Mom Bruschetta participated in the Venus Podcast, presented by Criss Paiva and Yasmin Ali, and opened the game on a somewhat controversial topic, still today.

It turns out that Mamma Bruschetta has always been questioned a lot about whether she was “male or female.” The actress not so long ago even managed to change her name in the documents, and now what was initially just a character has become her official name.

In the chat, Mamma Bruschetta opened up about the start of her career, when she was just a freshman at an attraction run by Silvio Santos. The owner of SBT once asked Renato Barbosa: “‘This countess, she is so strange…’, ‘This countess is an actress!'” the famous said, explaining what happened.

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Mamma Bruschetta in the supersonic casting (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

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Mom Bruschetta

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Mamma Bruschetta on the Venus Podcast (Photo: Playback/YouTube)
Mamma Bruschetta on the Venus Podcast (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

Chat with Silvio Santos

Afterwards, Silvio Santos asked Mamma Bruschetta to go into the dressing room: “‘You mean you’re an actor?’, I said: ‘Wow, you didn’t know?'”, continued the artist.

“When Silvio asks: ‘Mom, what are you? You are a man, a woman, gay, transformist…’ I answer: ‘Silvio, I am what you want! I’m mom!”

To end the affair, she clarified that, nowadays, everyone knows who she is, stating that she is the real Mamma Bruschetta, and that she can show her documents to prove it, in this way .

“Wonderful,” exclaimed Criss Paiva and Yasmin Ali at the end of Mamma’s speech, proving that the important thing is that everyone is true to their essence.

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