Gilinski's tax responder and responders could decide in takeover bid for Argos

Ernst & Young, which works as the Surah Group’s tax team, has agreed to approve an extraordinary meeting of accountants for June 23. This is a petition from Jaime Gilinski, who has requested a petition – a letter from a carpenter – to consult an expert to define the Office of Public Opinion (OPA) that has been started by the Argos Group.

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“Procedure to ensure the convening of the extraordinary meeting of the Summericana Group of Inquisition ions meeting, within the framework of our appointments, we hope that it will be possible, taking into account our internal procedures and our request to make a public request for amplia circulating in the social domain, tal y como lo establecen los estatutos sociales”, see in the charter of Ernst & Young.

Also las cosas, the decisive character of the Surah in Argos of Gilinski recae sobe the accoists, not the administrators, for it should be its members not to intervene in the conflict from the front of the office and make a decision about it.

He is the record holder of the Extraordinary Assembly of Accionistas ingela íngela María Tafur ya Gabriel Gilinski, as a patriarchal member represented by JGDB Holding (companion Jaime Gilinski), as well as José Luis Suárez Parra as a member; mientras que por el Argos fueron elegidos el presidente of conglomerado de infraestructura, Jorge Mario Velásquez; and Alejandro Piedrahíta Borrero, vice president of Finanzas Corporativas, as a member of patrimoniales. A su vez, Jaime Bermúdez Merizalde and María Carolina Uribe Arango, two independent elephants. Carlos Ignacio Gallego, president of Grupo Nutresa, organized the meeting.

It is estimated that Jaime Gilonski managed to gain between 26% and 32.5% of Grupo Argos, which equates to a total of 170.9 million and 213 million buyers. The bank accounted for a total of US$4.08 million of US$4.28 million, and the bank accounted for approximately US$732.4 million and US$91.6 million. The period of acceptance of this APO by Argos was between June 21 and July 6.

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