The sacaron 5 million dollars per lawsuit for a plane trip through the cell, in Bucaramanga

One of Bucaramanga’s cheats in revamping one of the cybernetic ladders he insists on building bancaria and sequeque.

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He wanted the pasta martes cuando la mujer quiso ingresar a su cuenta para hacer una transacción. Al hacerlo noticed that no podía entrar porque su usuario estaba blocado.

Decideó, entonces, communicates with the Bancolombia community to be satisfied with the trip.

Sin embargo, a los segundos de poder ingresar a su cuenta se percató que no estaba su dinero. They immediately report the situation to the bancaria.

In the renewal that managed to verify that the designed ladrones in your account, grouped a number of Nequi and hicieron a transfer of 5 million.

Asimismo, realizaron cambios como amentar los topes y silenciar las notifications.

She asked him if he was interested and he was unsure, the bank said he was dithering he was living modestly like Smishing.

Some people find a text message there saying that their Bancolombia dialect is out of stock. The download has a link to locate the location.

The incoming locks and it is now that the group has access to the information they have on the cell phone, contact your bancaria information.

Según informó el banco, no es la primera ocasión en la que el esto y señalaron que el “el site fraudulento está siendo desmontado por nuestro equipo de seguridad”.

Además estudian el’sctima de víctima para esclarecer lo ocurrido y tomar una decisión al respecto.

Bancolombia El Smishing Recommendations is a technical service that provides information about the entity’s SMS services and financing, encouraging people to disclose personal and confidential information to those who have accessed consultations, reviews and affiliate stores . Use a text message to indicate that you have money, with Bancolombia and mobile operators.

In the form of permanent Bancolombia, we take precautionary measures with the conclusion that customers are aware of these and other factors, and we invite you to take a look at the following recommendations:

1️⃣ Cambie sus claves bancarias con frecuencia.

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3️⃣ Check the accuracy of the corresponsorship letter by

4️⃣ Receive only correspondence sent by Bancolombia personalized with the customer’s name.

5️⃣ Protect your computer and install it with antivirus license and activated.

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