MinHacienda and the dollar will be worth $5,000 in 2033: What facets have in your account?

Ayer, the Minister of the Hacienda presents his credentials and his projects in 2033, by Marco Fiscal of Mediano Plazo (Mfmp). Accompanied by estimates, the Tasa Representation of Mercado (TRM) project is expected to reach next year, earning a media of $4,932 by 2033.

At the time the Ministerio announced that in 2023 the TRM project would be $4,090 and proposals could cover up to $4,000, which would cost $5,000.

The driver of the car, José Manuel Restrepo, described the LR as “that motivation is that you have the normal taboos of history and it’s a normal normal market”.

Experts from consulates indicating that the reunion process will be based on estimating interest, establishing a global level and the prerequisite for oil. In the Mfmp it is said that the cost of round crude is 80 US$ per barrel on the median plazo and that it will cost 94.6 US$ in 2033.

“Aumento en la projección podría estar inducido por la diferencia entre la tasa de inflation de Colombia versus EE.UU. y el diferencial en tasas de interés. petróleo en ese horizonte y una prima de riesgo estable, can explain Gobierno’s estimates “, indicated Juan Camilo Pardo, economist economist of Corficolombiana.

Eso sí, Juan David Ballén, director of analysis and strategy Casa de Bolsa, noted that large-scale construction projects should be launched and that they should be adapted to the limits of condominiums.

“Because of the pattern, it is possible to have a major import and implementation of hallway projects. The doll’s aspiration has fluctuated through a lot of facets, even internally and externally, and it is possible that you have 10 years of ten different skills fortaleza y debilidad del dólar “, anotó el experto.

Furthermore, it is stated that the business community is also involved in the political facets, specializing in the economic aspects of government.

¿Qué pasaría el el dólar if oil exploration is suspended?

The current electoral process has brought to the center of the debate proposals relating to Colombia’s naturalist political environment on the left. A Corficolombiana workshop Analizó cuál sería el impacto de la propuesta de Gustavo Petro sose suspend the firm of new contracts of hidrocarburos sobre la tasa de cambio.

The document concludes that the conclusions of this, in the case of the successor who proposes to the candidate, “in 2027, the successful evaluation of the nominal series of entries between 39.9% and 43.7%, which should be the dollar while cotizaría between $5,080 and $7,020, while the overall trade deficit is 15.4% and 38.6% and the value of imports contracts between 4.8% and 8.9% on consciences and the inversion of the economy of the colony, that obtaining a verdict arises from a recession”.

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