Chevrolet despises the Spark and alista su neueva apuesta

General Motors (GM) injects US$50 million to support its plan in Colombia and manufactures the Chevrolet Joy, which is also part of a multi-million dollar subsidiary.

Accompanied by Raúl Mier, commercial director of GM for Colombia, this new model was presented during the recovery of the Spark GT, which was about 12 years old at the national level.

“The game is a success that has led to the acceptance of the Colombian market and the fact that we import from Brazil. We look forward to importing products with local production,” commented the editor.

In line with these aircraft, it is estimated that 40% of this productive production will be 60% and the rest will be exported, leaving Argentina and Ecuador as destination destinations.

De otro lado, Mier reveals that in lo que respect respect a la línea commercial, segmento encargado de los buses y trucks, este 2022 podrían culminar con una historiocción superior a las 12,000 units.

Enter electric nicho

Luego de varios años analyzing the dynamics of electric gears, Chevrolet has finally entered the segment of the mobile system.

Specifically, segun lo revelado por la Compéía, al país llegará el modello Bolt EUV in the second half of this year.

“Hemos tomado un tiempo para analizar y para hear quaba estando not lasras marcas in Colombia”, says Raúl Mier.

“Este —añadió— is a segment that doesn’t have a crease, it doesn’t have the speed we expected and we would have decided to enter it.”

The director explained that, despite his efforts, elite electricians accounted for 0.5% of total assets in the field and the participant’s actual stake was 1%: “Se ha doblado, pero sigue siendo una porción baja . We are confident that we will have a healthy recovery.”

Acknowledging that there is a demand among Colombian consumers, Mier notes that “we are in the company of technologists who need more than 100 years”, and that it is normal to warn.

“We want to educate the consumer with transparent information so that the company’s decision is informed when working on a project,” he said.

Todavia queda mercado

Although the value of the new vehicles has disappeared, a decision of Santiago Borda, director of GM Financial (brazo financiero of General Motors), the ritmo of the demand no mermará in lo that remained of this year and will remain una parte del next.

In this contexto inflacionario, it is estimated that the strategy to reach the potential composites consists in proposing alternative options: “Hemos buscado planes with sails with space for 72 months and we have a total of 84 months”.

The outlook is optimistic, segun Borda, seis de cada siete vehículos que se colocan en el mercado son financiados y, and la actualidad, GM Financial tiene 45,000 clients en sus libros

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