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Hi friends! Following the current content, Google Play has updated its design and user interface. This was accessed through new device integration in tian Android apps -lo it’s generic-, but it also needs to be installed, as it is dedicated to new software launches.

Ahora resulted mucho más complicado enterarse de las noveades que van saliento dentro de catalica de Google Play, por lo que vamos haceros un pequeño resumen de los estrenos más destacados de las ultimas semanas.

Professional Music

Sony is launching a new application to make music videos on Android with studio quality. Basically dealing with audio receivers, but with some interesting activities, such as the potential to reach more milestones, with low latency, effects reverberation and scalable applications, we still use our wired earphones.

Also included media acquired audio services in a nube, although this feature is required to share the premium version of the app. In the case of the casino, there is an interesting but very limited application, which is only available on Sony’s Xperia phones.

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is another exclusive application, in this case, for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 users. The preparation allows you to create lists to ensure information security, work management and management of our work organization .

A special offer similar to the one we found on Asana or Basecamp, but it has intensified. Also with different pre-made plant plants, the potential for adjectives and offline access between other plants.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal was one of the most hoped-for mouse games of the last season and finally it will be presented opening a semester. El hype creado era enorme (hasta llegamos a hacerles una entrevista a los desarrolladores la la BlizzCon del año pasado), pero finallymente because el juego no ha cumplido con las expectativas.

In fact, the title is socially motivated in the form of graphics, sound and jugable, maneuvering the essence of the clásicos isometric game of Diablo, pero lo han llenado de tantas microtransacciones abusivas que to allow to make the next 10 years of 100,000 euros.

A todos nos gustan los juegos freemium, y la verdad es que Diablo Immortal tenía todos los mimbres par ser un bombazo, pero se han pasado de rosca con la monetización. In the case of the casino, it is said that the game is going to be very interesting among the members of the community (there is a rating of 4.2 and a maximum of $5 million), and you can play it for free, so that we can grow and expand our potential. .

Look to talk

This application is powered by Google Creative Labs and received a lot of time, and you will be able to complete a period of time available on the official website. We have a wonderful curiosity that we must answer our questions with a fraction of a few minutes.

For example, you can put your hand on the mouse and mouse up to say “Necesito ayuda”, or we can peek to say “Hola, ¿cómo estás?”. Una utilidad que puede ser de gran ayuda for people with differences in the habla or communication problems.

Lost Shadow: Dark Knight

Aunque Diablo has headed indiscriminately towards the next games that interest him these days, like Lost Shadow. It is also an action RPG game, but in two dimensions.

Clarity hack’n’s toda la vida, with graphics without tan impact within the framework of the Blizzard game, but with a fairly high gram of jugabilidad.

Remote Control for Roku TV – Roku Cast

If you have a TV with Roku TV, this might be an interesting app. For a fun operation as a remote control for Roku, you can access the remote control, but also access the contents of the mobile TV screen, video, audio or video.

Indeed, there are various remote control applications for Roku TV, although the difference between these is possible to improve the operation of this device.

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