Persistent retreats in the direction of vehicles

Demoras en entregas, falta de materia primas y precios elevados. This is the new calculation that insures the compression and freight sector in Colombia.

Fenalco Antioquia reported that, after various meses, the automotive industry experienced difficulties that caused the manufacture of vehicles.

Over the past two decades, the faculty has led to the global logistics crisis, which has not addressed the value of players, but also reduced the disparity of products such as semiconductors and autoparts, which has been compromised by the fact that it was a pro buying a new car, find it with tales of respite because the leaf color doesn’t feel disposable or the carrot mats you want to be able to do without.

Yes, due to the advantages of the pandemic, the chipmaker dichos to automate teniendo in the decentralization of the industrial pasta of the andda gives priority to the development of chips and semiconductors, and the production of technological electronics , cellular, ipads and computing devices needed for education and telecommunications.

slow recovery

If the situation will not be resolved in the corto plazo, no solo for the availability of semiconductors and chips sino por la demora en el transcorte international de mercancías derivada de la Contenores, we hope that this situation will be regulated by 2023 ya inicios de 2024, segun the implementation of los diferentes efectos del covid-19 y del rumbo de la política de merercio exterior.

For the benefit of merchants in Antioquia, the demo in the introduction of new technologies has been activated and activated in IT and the operation of a company’s services as a new alternative to the new automated portal, and opens it the more manera, with large ganancias.

For the rest of the year, see the official istnico Nacional de Tránsito (Runt), in 2021 in Colombia entering 1,134,636 games, it is determined that each new car will be 4.3 years old, and in the first quarter of 2022 registro a 6% cremation with a total of 255,546 uninspired traits compared to 2021.

In this context, the data of the Runt and the Andemos cálculos các that, by the end of 2021, will be the exit of the 6.6 million motor cars at speed that pass through the registrars in Colombia alcanzó los 17.5 años, superando los 17, 2 años recorded in 2020.

According to Oliverio Enrique García, president of Andemos, “these are indications that there is an economic carcass for greatness, a society in which the public perception of the degradation of airspace, accidental flask by means of rotation of vehicles and productivity país generado por elcro cesante por mantenimientos e ineficiencias en los viajes realizado A more efficient and socially possible vehicle fleet to reduce the cost of space, the cost of operating the fleet and the cost of fuels , and the cost of transport to the public, all these reductions can improve the competitiveness of the market ”.

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