The aviation flight is the one that operates between the Americas and Asia in one hour

Each time it was the freestyle with which it would be humorous to manage the imperatives of transfer. Really, included was in the creation of an airplane that could fly a new veces the speed of the sound.

Venus Aerospace’s Stargazer brand‘, the first of its kind by 2020. To build this aerospace industry, it will grow, expanding the business into an official community, bringing in $33 million – more than 131 million Colombia-sponsored businesses. .

For the investigation to proceed as a deacon, the aeronautics is built by aerospace veterans, military and personal investigators with the deployment of a decentralized maneuver to ensure that at the starting point it is located at the airport.

¿Cómo funcionaría?

A cohesive engine of utility generation with cero emissions

A general idea the plane has a limited capacity limit, with a total of 12 people traveling on the flight. Your car salesman is similar to a private airline, teniendo en cuenta qu’a vuelo commercial can handle up to 400 passengers, depending on the tamaño de aeronave y la arolínea.

Debido to the speed that propels alcanzar, the aviation ship that carries a great altura -alrededor de 170 mil pies o 52 mil metros- that también permitiría that Pasajeros, at the time of the flight, pudieran ver the curvature of the planet sin haber salido de este.

Tune in to the features, the Argentinian newspaper ‘La Nación’ suggests thatwith this type of speed, you will go from Los Angeles to Tokio – a view that usually takes 11 hours and media – in one hour.

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Según el communicadoado oficial, one of the main services of this air conditioning company is to develop three fundamental aspects for you, possibly, function: it allows the aircraft despite the existing aircraft exists ”.

In this way, the aircraft funcionaria de tal manera que en un comienzo despegaría con los convencionales motores y cuando ya estuviera alejado de las ciudades a una relevant altura pasaría a impulsionar se con los “cohetes”, los cuales le permitirían tal velocidad.

¿Qué cerca está el proyecto?

A pesar de que desde 2020 está trabajando en la aeronave, de acuerdo con lo que komenta en el comunicado, It is likely that the first pruebas that will actually be available will be in 2025.

Adicional a dicho tiempo, también se estima que tardará alrededor de cinco años para que se pruebe que la aeronave es segura de usar para los seres humanos.

Similar projects

Ultimately, the shadow is encapsulated in the resolution of the outworld by robots exploiting the Marte, for example, this is also facilitated by the destruction of Tierra.

During 2021, The Chinese company Boom Supersonic habló on the Opening, a commercial air capacity of 70 passers-by, for a maximum of 100 dollars – 400 million Colombian pesos– promise hacer viajes a una velocidad tal que recorte a la mitad el tiempo que es conocido por el público.

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Ademas y por lo que mencionó anteriormente Blake School, CEO of the company, on the channel ‘CNN’, this aircraft also seeks to present the ambient media, pending the idea that motorists are socially able to maneuver.

Without embargo, al igual que la propuesta de ‘Venus Aerospace’, this avión no comenzaría sus primeros vuelos sino hasta aproximadamente el 2026.


Aunque la propuesta de un supersonic aircraft parezca muy nueva, in 1976 Reino Unido y Francia united to build the ‘Concorde’, a supersonic aircraft that allows us to record the number of flights between certain destinations and the size of the base.

Your construction is not the work of the manufactured companies, one of the companies, the British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospace. Finally, the entries concern one of the main airlines of these countries: Air France and British Airways.

Los Concorde volaban, for example, between París and New York in a period of 3 hours and the media, while I was in normal normal business could find a tardar hasta ocho horas.

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Sin embargo, algo que se le criticó mucho a este type de aeronaves ya sus constructores fue su alto consumo de combustible, debido a las repercusiones que esto causaba en el medio ambiente.

In spite of being a great advance in aeronautics, the sight of the Concorde llegó ended in 2003 since in July 2000 one of these aeronautics suffered a serious accident al dirty of Paris, France, and estrellarse en Gonesse, muy near the capital francesa.

In this incident, there were two passengers and new flight attendants.

Pesar de ser el único accidente que presentaron este type de aviones, fue adequately par que pasaran a 15 maños hasta que volviera à mentioner la posibilidad da crear una supersónica aeronave.

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