This is the best gal app app we are working on android


With F-Stop Gallery, you can perfectly organize all your photos and videos, viewing photos in real time with your metadata and stable files to automatically activate albums.

One of the most impressive applications for large Android mayoría de usuaarios terminals is the photo gallery, which adorns ella puedes find all our photographs and videos he realized with his mobile phone and asked the question he received on WhatsApp or Telegram.

If successful, you will get the latest gallery apps of each person, in the Google Play Store, you can find many applications for us and, moreover, it is sencillo to find the best application to carry out this tarea.

F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery is the complete and functional application that you can find in the Play Store.

With this pattern we have to download the F-Stop Gallery, a gallery application that has a great design with us we can sing the house songs in real time.

F-Stop Gallery: I have a simple photo gallery

Description of this application for several months, podemos afirmar, sin temor a equivocarnos, que F-Stop Gallery es the best galaxy app we are working on android and our operation is in response to Play Store data, ya que esta aplicación ha sido descargada más de un million de veces and has a 4 out of 5 citation and a citation from Google.

One of the main features of F-Stop Gallery is its design, which is the application you can see all the carpets you have instead of your photos and videos and one of the ports of each of these elite elementals añadido a la misma.

In this sense, we must realize that it is the application and the application anchor the most used carpets in the upper partalgo que puedes hacer siguiendo estos sencillos pasos:

  • Realize a wide pulse on the carpet that quieres anclar
  • Click on the icon of the vertical tres points located in the upper part of the app
  • Pulsa optional Anclar carpeta (s) arriba

This is the best gal app app we are working on android

And again this, the rug or carpet you have selected situarán in the superior part of the application y así podrás acceder a ellas de una form mucho más rápida y sencilla.

Además, the one who is in a carpeta podrás filter on the content of the number, fecha o tamaño and look for a simple photograph to write your name on. When you have a photo or video, F-Stop Gallery also has the option access complete information about the dicho archives simple pulsando in the button of menu located in the upper part of the derecha and click in the opción Details.

This is the best gal app app we are working on android

Al hacer esto, will shelter a new adventure to be able to visualize information like:

  • The dimensions of the photograph
  • Fe update fe mod
  • The model of the character and the characteristic of the letter with which he makes the photo
  • GPS coordinates are the key to photography

Another of the photos in the F-Stop gallery is in real time, which is a fun achievement of the four photos to achieve the best results linked to the archive number and the metadata of the photographic tales like the characters or the model mode.

Para buy a photo from your gallery with F-Stop Gallery simple debes realize the following credentials:

  • Pulsa en el botón de menu located in the upper izquierda of the application
  • Click on the option Buscar
  • In the cuadro de búsqueda write the first photos of the image que quieres localizar, por ejemplo, tatu
  • As a continuation, you can access all the images of tattoos that tengas in you device through the section Do than aprece in the upper part of the app

This is the best gal app app we are working on android

In this case, the request and the information which, If you want to get more than 10 results, you need to skip the loader and access the Pro version..

Another of the features of F-Stop Gallery is fun Interesting Blume thanks to the cual puedes crear álbumes de fotos que se van update the automatic operation of the components used.

Thus, to create an intuitive album in the F-Stop gallery, we must perform the following passages:

  • Pulsa en el botón de menu located in the upper izquierda of the application
  • Go to section Blumes
  • Click on the button with the “+” signal located in the upper part y, a sequel, in the opción Smart new album
  • Give it a name and dicho álbum
  • Pulsa in the button Aggregar new condition
  • Click on the beautiful and inviting primer you want to apply to your IP (in our case) Carpet)
  • Pulsa in the bottom parrot button (for example, if you like rugs like this pattern Selection mat)
  • Listen to the carpeta quieres asociar a tu álbum inteligente click on the verification link que aparece a la derecha de la misma
  • Pulsa in check button que aparece en parte superior tres veces

This is the best gal app app we are working on android

And again, I would like to inform you that there is a lot of creative space in the section. Blumes what’s up a bomb emoji in su parte superior derecha to differentiate manually created albums.

F-Stop Gallery is an application that counts with versions, una gratuita con anuncios which includes all the activities that we have commented on this excellent article and other page, click F-Stop Gallery Prothat eliminates publicity and includes additional functions such as window carpets or any invertebrate filters what’s up a price of 6.99 euros.

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