2022 Gold Panning Championships outcomes

Outcomes from the 2022 World Invitational Gold Panning Championships held July 29 to 31, 2022, at Peace Island Park in Taylor.

Gold Panning Occasions

Class A:

  1. Brenda Gejdos
  2. Kelly Gejdos
  3. Trina Barrette
  4. Chris Kuchmak
  5. Frankie Barrette
  6. Tyson Gejdos
  7. Garrett Gejdos
  8. Dave Coupland
  9. Mike Barrette
  10. Rob Fraser
  11. Dorri Larstone
  12. Cameron Argo
  13. Michael Gunderson
  14. Rod Scott
  15. Robin Rosborough

Nice: Kelly Gejdos (13 of 15 gold flakes in 116.59 seconds)
Ability: Trina Barrette (5 of 5 flakes in 85 seconds)
Velocity: Tyson Gejdos (gold nugget present in 9.66 seconds)
Most Sportsmanlike: Garrett Gejdos

Gold Panning committee member Sheena Taillefer presents A-event champion Brenda Gejdos together with her belt buckle. Gejdos additionally received, sporting the identical costume, in 2014 and 2017. (Matt Preprost)

Class B:

  1. Dorri Larstone
  2. Frankie Barrette
  3. Jonathan Garner
  4. Andrew Barrette
  5. Kim Spealar
  6. Alecia Speagar
  7. Laura Westgate

Nice: Dorri Larstone (12 of 15 gold flakes in 278.75 seconds)
Ability: Dorri Larstone (5 of 5 flakes in 161 seconds)
Velocity: Andrew Barrette (gold nugget present in 54.5 seconds)

Class C:


  1. Keith Lubke
  2. Wayne Schoenenberger
  3. Jean McRae


  1. Luella Barrette
  2. Berlin Barrette
  3. Conlin Barrette
By ending first, B-event champion Dorri Larstone was in a position to transfer as much as the skilled A-event championship. Two-time champion Brenda Gejdos, although, would come out on high. (Dave Lueneberg)

Juvenile open:

  1. Frankie Barrette
  2. Jennifer Finnie
  3. Luella Barrette
  4. Reece Wiebe
  5. Blake Froese
  6. Keagan Revoy
  7. Sarah Byford
  8. Chase Wiebe
  9. Madison Froese
  10. Avery Brodie
  11. Justin Shroeder
  12. Conlin Barrette
  13. Maizy Taillefer, Hank Taillefer, Berlin Barrette

Metallic detecting grownup:

  1. Kelly Gejdos
  2. Frank Gejdos
  3. Hunter Smiley

Metallic detecting juvenile:

  1. Maizy Taillefer
  2. Hazel Taillefer
  3. Hank Taillefer
Taylor mayor Rob Fraser pans for gold throughout this yr’s movie star/sponsor nugget problem held July 30 at Peace Island Park. He’d be the primary to search out his gold. (Dave Lueneberg)


  1. Rob Fraser 
  2. Matt Preprost
  3. Blake Brown 
  4. MLA Dan Davies 
  5. JJ Stewart
  6. Lori Ackerman

Claimstaking grownup:

  1. Tyson Gejdos
  2. Robert McAleney
  3. Dave Coupland

Juvenile claimstaking:

  1. Elizabeth Hull 
  2. Keagan Wilson
  3. Frankie Barrette


  1. Robin Rosborough
  2. Barb Dan and Trista Hotte
  3. Garrett and Tyson Gejdos

Parade Winners

The 2022 Gold Panning Parade rolls by means of Taylor, July 29, 2022. (Matt Preprost)

Parade Industrial

  1. Hans on Mechanical
  2. Latitude 56
  3. Nels Ostero

Parade Authorities

  1. MLA Dan Davies
  2. District of Taylor (float)
  3. Fort St. John Hearth Division

Parade Neighborhood

  1. Julius Ryme
  2. Brian Folks
  3. Lyn Alexander

Parade Children

  1. Saddle Champs 4-H
  2. Chantel Maycock & Kenna Edgar
  3. Mulligan (Lone Wolf mascot)

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