100-million-year-old dinosaur footprints found at restaurant in China

A restaurant in southwestern China has turn out to be a website of pure historical past after a diner noticed dinosaur footprints within the institution’s courtyard final week.

Situated in Leshan, Sichuan province, the restaurant formally homes footprints of two sauropods that lived throughout the Early Cretaceous interval greater than 100 million years in the past, a crew from the China College of Geosciences confirmed.

Sauropods first advanced within the Early Jurassic epoch, roughly 201 million to 174 million years in the past, and continued into the Cretaceous interval, which lasted from 145 million to 66 million years in the past.

These herbivorous dinosaurs had small heads, lengthy necks and lengthy tails and had been most definitely the biggest terrestrial animals of all time.

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Paleontologist Lida Xing, whose crew confirmed the invention, stated the 2 sauropods — particularly brontosauruses — had been most definitely round 8 meters (roughly 26.25 ft) in size. His crew used a 3D scanner to make the evaluation.

Ou Hongtao, the diner who noticed the “particular dents” on July 10, has an curiosity in paleontology himself and contacted Xing instantly.

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Xing instructed CNN that the Cretaceous interval was when “dinosaurs actually flourished.” He stated that the fossils which were present in Sichuan are often from the Jurassic interval, not the Cretaceous interval.

The restaurant’s location beforehand served as a rooster farm. The dust that coated the footprints was solely eliminated a 12 months in the past as a result of restaurant’s opening. For that reason, the footprints are thought of well-preserved.

“Once we went there, we discovered that the footprints had been very deep and fairly apparent, however no person had considered [the possibility],” Xing instructed CNN.

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The location has since been surrounded by fences, and the restaurant’s proprietor may assemble a shed for additional safety.


Featured Picture through China Information Service

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